Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's the little things that mean so much...

Like yesterday when an older fledgling robin perched in a branch of a hemlock tree near where I was working let me reach out and pet its back with my finger before flying away. Or today when the graceful soar of a great blue heron caught the corner of my eye as I hurried through a break in the rain. Or the way that all of the thousands of orange jewelweed flowers around my camper have opened this week, providing cool rainy nectar to a sizable possee of ruby throated hummingbirds. Big up to all the fine feathered friends out there!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glimpse, Part 2

Glimpses of Dana's life late summer '09: here you will find, more pictures of my "yard" and container garden, some awesome blackberry wine that a friend of mine gave me, a lovely detail of a scarlet runner bean flower, and a pitcher plant whose variety is named "Dana's Delight-" what do you know... Tha next time I pluck a tick off of my person, I am going to feed it to that pitcher plant and it will be a real Dana's Delight eating my blood and all.

Glimpse, Part 1

These are glimpses into my late summer life. I call it late summer because the other day when the cold front moved in, I swear the season changed. The insects are different, the air is different, the whole ambience is different than it was a week ago. Late summer is officially my favorite season (in spite of my pathetically unmotivated state of being today). These images will show you the baby bear I saw grazing 2 days in a row- the one that KM swears she was supposed to see and maybe God was confused and thought I was her... Also you will see 2 lovely mating bees of some sort, my yard, and decorated chunks of the tree that fell on my camper in May. If you are my friend and you live around here, come visit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Transcription of the Choreography of the Dana and Meg "Brass Monkey Dance- 2009"

look down face 4 look at audience bounce hold butt
-poses on ground
-Down Middle uo Middle with horn 4x eyes follow
-roll up slow
-wax on wax off 2x w/chicken legs
-face each other butterfly 4x
-jump face forward (on bubble)
-break dance set up
-left leg down right leg up finish cup
-grab R ankle 2x slow 2x fast
-Kerry leg out 4 steps start bad leg shake hips
-part/side/ body skimmer down, up
-toss it! on Dwell
-Brass Monkey snake together 3x
-on 4 chest bump on bubble
-choppy hands down fast feet backwards in backwards circle mouth 0
-bump butts on bubble
-shaky pelvic thrust w/ hands 3x 2 to side 1 face front
-pour on face snaky at 4
modified jazz slide funky shoulders at and 4
3x end in middle
leap frog on 4
Meg slide thru 4 Dana alternates shoulders
Dana puppet butt Meg slow 2
Meg roll out for 4 end on back
Dana pulls up for 4
Four rounds of mamba (in the round)
Slide out for 4
Turn around sling out for 4
Bouncy hip hop grapevine 4x rap pose and snap
2 taps w/ heels arms stiff in middle
Dana Carlo (robot), Meg Carlo, Meg Carlo
both lawn mower 2x left arm
slicing w/ tiptoe bouncy legs to left
lawnmower 2x right arm
inchworm arms across chest for 8
heart beat 2 counts 4x
4th time Meg down
Dana Twirl Meg wafts skirt
(Very end not recorded)

So there you have it. If you didn't make it to a show, you should be able to imagine it perfectly in your mind's eye from these notes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brass Monkey

You are really sad if you missed Dana and Meg's dance routine to Beastie Boys' "Brass Monkey." 27 years of choreographing and performing dance routines together is no small business. She came to visit for a week, and we practiced every morning for about 2 or more hours. Stay tuned in a coupla days for a transcription of the original choreography notes from the dancers' personal archives. NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!
If you did come to one of our performances, thank you. If it weren't for our fans, we wouldn't be where we are today (actually that is hogwash, but we appreciate you coming out...)