Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TCOB Prime (belated report)

My beloved readers (all 2 of them) have requested more from this site. I love them. For Bud and Meg, this is for you. TCOB Prime, in case you don't know, is Taking Care of Business- Prime. The Taking Care of Business part can refer to doing anything that needs to be done. The Prime part refers to the fact that you are doing something that REALLY needs to be done- something that is not done day to day- something of an epic nature. TCOB Prime is the stuff legends are made of (if you will). In October, a TCOB Prime excursion was undertaken by myself and 2 trusted affiliates- SM and JL. Our mission was a pilgrimage across Troublesome Gap from the Spring Creek side to the Big Pine side. We went at the end of October. These are the uniforms we wore. We also changed our names.