Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thor's whimsy

Thor must have been in a special mood this morning for he dished us out a most delectable February thunderstorm, washing away the final remnants of last week's biggy snow storm and subsequent ice. "Enough," I imagine Thor thinking upon rising just before dawn this morning in Valhalla, "Let them see the ground and remember me."
The thunder rumbled graciously, followed by a most magnificent crepescular light show, the striking of Thor's hammer creating a peculiar pink glow of electricity reflecting off of the blanket of snow. Pink flashes in the darkness lighting up a pre-dawn half-winter/half-spring scenario is what I am talking to you about, people. It rocked.
Thor, if my speculations of your morning are grossly off-base, please have mercy on my mortal soul. And thanks for the storm. Like I told the rocked! And I drove the driveway this afternoon- ice free!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Still eating last season's pumpkins, only looky what my eyes beheld upon cutting into one of these bad boys last Sunday:

Spring is upon us. The seeds don't lie. Neither does the sun, finding its way higher and higher in the sky as the month rolls on. The screech owls don't lie, their nightly ghost-like whinny increasing in frequency. Nor do the daffodils, their little erect tips reaching out of the thawing earth toward the sky. Yin is beginning to yield to yang. Their perfect balance will smile for a picture soon, on the vernal equinox.