Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to August, my favorite month

The last day of August found me doing business in the rain. No, I am not referring to taking a dookie in the rain, but doing all other manners of business in the rain. However, I did go to the library today in the rain, and continued my 100% track record of "you know what." (If you do not know what I am referring to, go back and read my whole blog history- it's in there somewhere.) Anyways, it was a quiet rainy day in the holler. Last day of August means the days are shorter and sweeter and there is a feeling of the end of something. To me it is a sweet sad feeling, like the summer is gracefully dying and giving up the best it has to offer. The overwhelming sound of crickets has replaced the overwhelming glow of lightening bugs in the night, which is becoming cooler and longer. I know, I know everyone knows this stuff, but I am trying to do an ode.
After I conducted a number of items of business from the ole Airstream, I went for a walk around the terrain for a couple hours, and SM joined me. We walked up through the woods, admiring all sorts of ferns, wild herbs and mushrooms, including some chantrells, which we gathered. We made our way up to The Sunset Spot, a stunning westerly facing overlook of the mountains, including Mill Ridge and Rich Mountain, and the passage over to Hot Springs. The wild sunflowers (Susie called them wing stems) were in full bloom, and the goldenrod was just getting started. It was dramatic against a healthy stand of sumac.
I came out of the woods just in time to miss yet another rainstorm, and to get to Hot Springs in time to do some banking business. There was an end of August rainbow in Hot Springs, as shown here from the vantage point of Stacey G's front yard (where we plucked a volunteer Early Moonbeam yellow watermelon and ate the hell out of it). Farewell August, my favorite month.

My first Heavenly Blue of the year:

Red zinger hibiscus bloom (thanks to Beth Trigg):

Rain on wild phlox:

The Sunset Spot:

Can you see the rainbow over Hot Springs?:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Studs on a Roof (or "A Manly Work Party")

I am the lucky bachelorette who came home the other day to 5 Studs on My Roof. The neighborhood Stud Ring Leader, Mecho, had organized a Very Manly Work Party of neighborhood studs to build me a new tin roof awning over the Airstream, since the old crap-hole of an awning finally collapsed once and for all under the duress of the July rains. Beer was flowing at the Manly Work party, friendly banter was being slung, all manners of drills were fired up, and songs were being sung. I dug a post hole and them mostly tried to stay out of the studs way, just making sure that each stud had a cold beer in his vicinity at all times and that there were snacks to eat. Mecho, Todd and Greg arrived first (I think), and later Mecho said, "I was worried we'd get finished before everyone was here and we wouldn't get to hang out." Well, that didn't happen and the studs DID get to hang out, and it seemed they enjoyed each other's company just fine....
When they were finished, I stepped back to look at it and said, "This place really looks like an establishment now." The next morning Susie came up to see it, and, not knowing that I had said the same thing said, "This place really looks like an establishment now." Hmmm

The Roof

All American Stud, Todd

High altitude rock n roll stud, Greg

Associate Studs, James and Bill

Stud Ring Leader, Mecho Himself

ps If you are a WNC resident, come party down at this establishment next Saturday.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Impatiens pallida and Campanula americana

The delicate pale yellow of Impatiens pallida (yellow jewelweed) in contrast with the deep rich cool of the blue Campanula americana (tall bellflower) sets the mind and spirit at ease for late summer hikers on the Mountains To Sea Trail. Come enjoy Mother Nature's finest, as she displays her "true colors" in this showy wildflower array. Humans, canines and bees alike are drawn to the cool breeze of this local "Garden of Eden!"

Friday, August 7, 2009

How does this happen?

How does it happen that you wake up one morning after waking up many mornings and you realize that your mess in the closet includes a shotgun? How is it that normally you don't even notice that your mess includes a shotgun, but today, for some reason, it strikes you as phenomenal? When did a mess including a shotgun become so normal you don't even notice it most days?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Not Perfect

Mother and I went to Newport, Tennessee, to go to Lowe's and Newport Dry Goods. At Dry Goods, we purchased some socks, a lighter, and I bought 3 yards of orange polka dotted fabric to make yet another table cloth for the Airstream. (For someone so domestically dis-inclined, I sure do have a hefty interest in table cloths...) If you have never been to Newport Dry Goods, do not wait another week. Go there. This weekend. You will not regret it (if you enjoy being lost in time in East Tennessee).
At Lowes, I spent somewhere along the lines of four and a half Benny Franklins purchasing materials for a BRAND NEW PIMPED OUT TIN COVERED AWNING THINGY for the Airstream- to say "Fudge you!" to my former awning which collapsed in the rain last week. After Lowes, we dined at The Shack in Del Rio. Mom got fried catfish. I got a fried catfish sandwich. I do not want to know where the catfish came from. The water we drank was "purified" French Broad River water, cuz that's how they roll over there. We played Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Sr. and Patsy Cline on the jukebox, and Mom drank a grape wine cooler. (Yeah, that's right, a grape wine cooler...)While we were eating, a black man came in and requested to look at the menu. Everyone else other than us stared rudely. We glanced kindly. He walked back into the bar I think. I wanted to tell that black man that there is a KKK meeting house practically across the street from the Shack, but I didn't want to freak him out. He was a brave soul, or maybe he didn't know how Del Rio is. Maybe I don't know how Del Rio is. Either way, I hope nobody bothered that man that night.
Here is a photo essay from our little trippy poo to East Tennessee.

Spartan Smooth Wave Nagle Sisters Photo Shoot

There was a rainy day involved. And some hot muggy heat in a kitchen. And some beer. Some clothing was removed, and some clothing was added. The result was two Nagle sisters in "Smooth Wave" stocking caps, laughing their heads off.