Monday, April 28, 2014

Signs of the Season

Asparagus with three Maypoles, the middle being this year's

Friday, April 25, 2014

For Siena

For the newest member of the family, Siena Cirillo Talbot:

All has been consecrated.
The creatures in the forest know this,
The earth does, the seas do, the clouds know
as does the heart
full of love.

Strange a priest would rob us of this knowledge
and then empower himself with the ability
to make holy
what already is.

                              -St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, April 7, 2014

That's How Daddy Spanks 'Em

Someone had to say "yes" when asked to be bingo caller for the fundraiser chili supper and bingo in Hot Springs March 28.
Someone had to slap on some blue eye shadow and feather earrings and yell those numbers out loudly and clearly.
"B-12! B-12!"
Someone had to say "yes" to cornbread and "no" to kidney beans and then "yes" again to BINGO Ingles cake.
Someone had to give it her all. Low ceilings. Flourescent lighting. Folding tables.
"N-36! N-36!"
Someone had to say "yes" to Mary B, who after winning two prizes and before stepping out into the springtime night, leaned in close and asked, voice low, eyebrows raised, "You want to know what earrings I was gonna wear tonight?"
Raccoon penis bone earrings.
Went out dancing with a friend and her 8 month old pet monkey.
Monkey says "yes" to slow dancing. Monkey says "yes" to fast dancing.
Monkey tries desperately to grab raccoon penis bone earrings during fast dance.
Mary B says "no" and puts raccoon penis bone earrings in purse. Raccoon penis bone earrings are forgotten about. Temporarily. Boys used to trap raccoons for furs. Man at trade show made earrings.
Them things was this big (show of pinky finger).
That's how daddy spanks 'em.