Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stacking some boards, in my Jonathan Youngs

Carl Rice arrived Wednesday afternoon at the land to set up his portable sawmill. Thursday and Friday were spent getting the logs down off the hill and beginning to saw them into gorgeous boards that will become part of my house. A few things about Carl: a) He's awesome, from the solid facial chops to the various mountain oriented skills he has mastered, b) He works at a pace that I am really enjoying- somehow the ratio of work to rest in a day matches my natural rhythm, so working together has been really enjoyable for me, c) He is a great conversationalist, engaging in topics ranging from logistics of logging, to wine making and proofing homebrew with cornmeal, to cock fighting. Carl has done several extra things for me that he didn't have to do, such as cutting down a large black walnut, cutting posts for frames for the stacks, helping us stack, and teaching me how to do things properly- because he "likes to help someone who is helping themself." I am finding him to be very hard working and generous.
Today Moonie and I, with the mentoring and assistance of Carl, stacked the first batch of walnut. I got a load of sticker wood from Randall (up Spring Creek) yesterday so that Carl wouldn't have to spend time and wood cutting stickers. We used those to lay between the layers of boards to create air flow for proper drying. We are stacking the boards on a southwestern facing hill so they will hopefully dry nicely. Enjoy the photodocumentation of the first segment of sawmilling at my place. There will be more action photos of Carl next week when we get back to work.

Note: I did stack boards in my Jonathan Youngs today, and as pimpin' and stylin' as they were, they are starting to make my feet hurt due to not offering enough arch support... Sometimes it hurts to look good.


Anonymous said...

Dana I am f....g jealous; I would love to meet that guy and work with him; what a privilige to be able to work with the REAL mountain people. I like your quote:"He likes to help people who help themselve!!!"

jonathan said...

wow i can't believe how this is all coming along. i feel like if this was my project i'd still just be making lists and sketches on scraps of paper.

A Girl In An Apron said...

Dana, you are amazing. And so is Mr. Rice! A total treat to follow this monumental project!
Maybe you should take your cold, hard, pimpin' self out on a celebratory shopping spree, (not at Roses), and get yoself a new pair of kicks. . . before the jo yo's are ready for the grave. it would be a shame to have to say goodbye to them, and a shame to have to keep wearing em.

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Dear Dana, I love-shmuv you. If you were a man, I would try to make you marry me! But seriously, I am drooling over this post. I know I always say it, but you truly are livin' the dream. And as far as your sweet kicks go, it IS hard out here for a pimp.

Anonymous said...

where is the picture of your jonathan youngs? we need PROOF. yours truly, emmmo.

Meg said...

I'm with anonymous here. How do we really know you were slapping the mtn in your jo yos? Mebbe you were really wearing some stacked pumps!