Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Work, More Mystery

Situation: Work Days to clear home site- July 24, 26

All Present at some time or the other on either or both of those days: me, Eduard Thijs, Laura Carter, Els Thijs, Greg Adams, Susie and Todd, Zoe and Liz, Amy Moore, Stacey Geyer, Carl Rice, George Cooper, Sheia the dog, Ruby the dog, Luna Moth, Rosa the dog

Tasks accomplished: cut down trees for lumber (2 huge white pines, a sizable black walnut, a smallish cherry)- Eduard with Greg's assistance did this; piled limbs and debris into various burn piles; cut down smaller trees in house site (cherries, sweet birch, maple, hemlock, and poplar); stacked more limbage; visited with friends and neighbors; ate and drank together

Temperature: Hot as H-E-double hockey stick

Moral: remarkably good in spite of the heat

Mystery # 1: How does Eduard continue to come out and rock the free world at my place even though I tease him till the kingdom come about all manners of things? (ps, Thanks Eduard- you are helping me more than you might know!)

Mystery # 2: How did luna moths get to be so dang beautiful? (I am thinking of modeling my interior color scheme after their natural coloring.)

I am so indescribably grateful for my friends and for their help and support. Enjoy the pictures:


A Girl In An Apron said...

The land is looking so good! The idea of styling your interior space according to luna's color scheme may launch you into a new career! I want that! A Jill of so very many trades Dane. Sad I missed this round!

Anonymous said...

dana dana dana, this goes on a certain beat, positive!!
Whow we are doing good,