Saturday, March 15, 2008

The earth wakes up

I went looking for coltsfoot last week. On my way up there I accidentally interrupted some grouse mating. The female flew off, but the male just stood there in full display. He was absolutely gorgeous. His neck feathers were all ruffled out, and his tail was up in a full fan, like a turkey. I took this picture, which isn't the best shot- but you can fill in with your imagination. Then on the way home I found the most beautiful road kill- a large male river otter. Enjoy the pictures of the pelt tanning process so far. This project has led me to become an official member of an internet discussion forum. Yall are gonna love this- the site is, and the name of the forum is "The Hideout!" (get it?) I love it- a bunch of brain tanning geeks who like to talk very specific gory details about everything that has to do with tanning. Check it out sometime.

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Jordana said...

My parents still get a kick out of the time that we met up with you in Hot Springs and walked over to try and get ice cream (they were closed) and you talked about buying canned brains from the ethnic food store for your tanning projects. My dad was like, who is this crazy person my daughter is friends with????